The Art of Yoga

The Art of Yoga

Physical poses (asana) are only one way to practice yoga – yoga is about finding joy in the things you do.  Think about the thing you do that makes you happier than anything.  Maybe it’s going for a walk, maybe it’s cooking a meal at home, maybe it’s music… for Sadara Evans of Columbia, Missouri, her yoga practice involves watercolor.  I stumbled across her work in the magical world of Instagram, and immediately fell in love.  The colors, the messages, the shapes – I could feel the love that was put into each piece.

We are thrilled to be bringing Sadara’s handmade cards with us to Wanderlust in Aspen on June 30-July 3 (it’s the first time her art has been shown out of Missouri!!<3).  If you’re there, come by and pick out something of your own!  Check out her interview below.

Yoga watercolor creation by Sadara Evans

How do yoga and art go together, in your experience?
I think that both of these practices require immense dedication and creativity.  Both painting and yoga require constant practice, both in thought and in performance.  These two ideas sort of morphed together for me, with my first love being with painting and yoga coming in to my life at a later point.  They have both come to grow and evolve together, and now I can’t imagine painting without yoga’s influence on my painting through the cultivation of patience and understanding.

When did you begin incorporating yoga and art together?
About three years ago, before I opened my Etsy store, The Happy Yogi, I really deepened my practice with yoga and mindfulness.  Naturally, my creative process was influenced by this shift in my attitude and awareness of the world.  Ever since I have been captivated by painting mandalas, creating cards, and quote prints with words of affirmation.

What does yoga mean to you?
One of my favorite tidbits from my personal work with yoga is that the word yoga means to “yoke” or unify.  It means unification or bringing together of people, ideas, and your life’s experiences.  The way I practice this idea is by bringing yoga into my life off the mat.  I try my best to bring this unification to my job, my relationships, my habits, and to myself so that I can approach life with a sense of ease and peace.

What inspires your art?
I’m most inspired by my practice, my garden, and positivity.  I find beauty in the gifts that nature provides me for food and I also have an appreciation for mindfulness and happy quotes.

What do you want people to know about your art?
I think mostly I just want my paintings to be in touch with people who they can help to heal.  I hope that the positivity in my work shines through to those who need reminders to stay present and dedicated to this practice of living life gracefully.

It’s clear that yoga has inspired your art – has your life as an artist inspired your yoga practice, as well?
Absolutely.  My creativity inspires me often to experiment in my practice with new sequences and poses. I try and listen to my body and mind as much as possible.  This requires that I often deviate from the teachers’ instructions to do what feels good for my body in the moment.  Similarly, in my creative endeavors I like to experiment with new techniques for painting.  I often make decisions in my art based on how I am feeling in that particular moment.  Both practices inspire me to listen deeply to myself and my ability to stay with my practice even in situations that might feel stressful or uncomfortable.


Calling all Yogi Artists! You can submit a piece to be displayed at our upcoming Yoga + Art event with the Arts and Education Council of St. Louis on July 26! Details below.

We are teaming up with the Arts and Education Council of Greater St. Louis for a Yoga + Art Show at the Rialto Ballroom.  Do you have a piece that fits in with the world of yoga and mindfulness?  We’d love to see it!

Here’s how to apply:

(1) Email [email protected] with the subject line: Yogi Artist.

(2) Include an image of your work, along with

(3) a couple sentences about how yoga and/or mindfulness plays a part in your work.

We will take submissions until Friday, July 8; accepted artists will be announced July 11.  The show is Tuesday, July 26 in Grand Center.


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