St. Louis Yoga Week

St. Louis Yoga Week

St. Louis Yoga Week is a weeklong celebration June 14 – 21, 2020 of all things yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in the greater St. Louis area. This year is the inaugural event, ending with a day-long online celebration of International Day of Yoga on June 21st. The celebration is to explore new ways of self-care and wellness, while learning about and supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs.

Official St. Louis Yoga Week will take place online this year, with 35 different offerings ranging in topics from yoga philosophy, meditation, mythology, classical Indian dance, trauma-informed yoga, sound therapy, restorative yoga, accessible yoga, and more, featuring nearly 50 local yoga and meditation practitioners and teachers.

On the St. Louis Yoga Week website (, long-time practitioners and aspiring yogis alike will find the official St. Louis Yoga Week event calendar, a retail shop featuring St. Louis Yoga Retreat in a Box, details about the St. Louis Yoga Teacher Relief Fund, a Community Calendar featuring additional independently run events happening throughout the week, as well as content and short video feature highlighting a community of 150+ local ambassadors.

St. Louis Yoga Week was created to be a celebration of the diversity of the practice of yoga as well as the diversity of our city – from the people who teach and practice yoga and meditation, to the practices and lineages taught. By proudly partnering with other organizations like Bal Vihar Center for Indian Cultural Education, TheCollective STL, and Art of Living, programming for St. Louis Yoga Week centers the importance of honoring yoga’s roots while acknowledging the need for cross-cultural learning to create a healthier community for all.

Official programming will be accessible exclusively online, livestreamed on the St. Louis Yoga Week Facebook page and St. Louis Yoga Week website.

For more information or media inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 314-764-9642.

Additional Details

The Collective STL Kicks off St. Louis Yoga Week

St. Louis Yoga Week kicks off Sunday, June 14th with programming by The Collective STL, a local non-profit committed to sharing yoga and wellness with the Black community. The important work of The Collective STL has never been more necessary than now to listen to, learn from, and support their organization.

Join Sunday, June 14th for yoga and conversation led by teachers from The Collective STL:

8am: Yoga for the People

1pm: NeoSoul Yoga (with live music)

6:30pm: Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma: a conversation with Dr. Gail Parker  

This conversation is based on Dr. Gail Parker’s new book, “Restorative Yoga for Ethnic and Race-Based Stress and Trauma.” This discussion invites everyone, not just those directly impacted, to explore the intersection of yoga, race and ethnicity, and to consider the psychological impact of race-based stress and trauma on all of us. (register here)

Support our friends at The Collective STL by making a donation via Cashapp: $thecollectiveSTL

STL Yoga Retreat in a Box

We have worked with local St. Louis businesses to create these Yoga Retreats in a Box to support your home practice! Featuring products from Teatopia, Seema Enterprises, STL Herbs and Aromatics, PuraVegan Cafe, Wellbeing Brewing, Yoga with Dria Love, Anu French, Better Life, Traveling Tea, Urban Candle Company, Tasha L. Jordan, Wellness Karuna, and more, it’s sure to make any day a special day for practicing yoga and mindfulness.

Your purchase wholly supports St. Louis businesses and entrepreneurs, as $14 from every purchase goes to the St. Louis Yoga Teacher Relief Fund.

St. Louis Yoga Teacher Relief

St. Louis Yoga Week believes the practice of yoga is an invitation to take action.

We recognize there are two big issues impacting our community right now.

The primary intention of the St. Louis Yoga Teacher Relief Fund is to support yoga teachers in the greater St. Louis area who have been deeply impacted these last few months, either by financial struggles caused by COVID-19 disruptions, or the deep imprint of institutional racism in our country.

We have established the St. Louis Yoga Teacher Relief Fund to create grant opportunities for two eligible groups of individuals:

  • Yoga Teachers who have experienced a significant financial impact in the midst of the pandemic
  • Black Yoga Teachers who continue to share the practice focusing on the Black community for self-regulation and resiliency during this especially painful and challenging time.

You can help us by donating, spreading the word to encourage others to donate, nominating a teacher you think might benefit from this fund, or applying for yourself.

For more information or media inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 314-764-9642.


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