Yogi Spotlight: Kendra Lacy

Yogi Spotlight: Kendra Lacy

Who are you?

My name is Kendra Lacy. I am wellness advocate aimed to empower my community to live

a healthier lifestyle with the use of essential oils.


What bought you to start practicing yoga? 


I started practicing yoga after I graduated from college, WOW has it been over a decade!  My journey began at the age of 10 I started playing competitive basketball and travelled all-around the world. This ultimately lead me to a full scholarship to play basketball for the University of Missouri ( Go Tigers ) after graduation I was looking for something chill and would be easy on my joints verses the scrappy fast-paced collegiate basketball environment and boOM yoga was it! I instantly fell head-over-feet in love.


You always smell delightful. Tell me more about essential oils, and how you use the in everyday life.:


Essential oils are aromatic compounds that service every cell of our body in a matter of minutes, yes minutes! I love to use essential oils topically and aromatically. When I refer to topically that means applying it to my skin; mainly my pulse points such has behind my ears, on my wrists, back of my neck often diluted with fractionated coconut oil. This might be why I smell soo yummy! I use them daily.


Aromatically is the most common way to reap the benefits of essential oils because smell is the fastest way to affect our mood, and who doesn’t want to be in a good mood! Smell is the only one of the five senses directly linked to the brain’s emotional control center, the limbic lobe. This lobe can directly activate the hypothalamus, which acts as a hormonal center, and known as the master gland. So to keep it short and sweet essential oils can directly stimulate your emotional feelings profoundly effecting your mind and body much like yoga.


How do you find essential oils can enhance a yoga or meditation practice?:


Essential oils provide additional support to your practice just like blocks, straps, and blankets because essential oils directly affect your mood often choosing the right essential oils can help you become more calm, more grounded, more aware within your practice.


What are three of your favorite oils to use in yoga, and why?:


Everybody responds differently to different oils because of the constituents within those oils and it’s important to know the sourcing behind those essential oils you are choosing. You want the purest essential oils on the planet to experience it’s therapeutic benefits. The top three essential oils I would recommend in yoga would be Lavender, Sandalwood, and Peppermint.


Lavender– ( I call this the gate-way essential oil, ha! ) it’s the most universal oil used. It’s soothing, calming, and can help us find connection with our inner voice.


Sandalwood– Offers us the ability to be grounded and maintain being present on and off our mat. I often wear this on my mala beads. Many say it assist in quieting the mind so that the individual may hear the subtle voice of the Spirit.


Peppermint– Helps open the airways and brings attention we need during our yoga practice, it has this cooling affect when applied to the chest and brings the focus back to our breath. It also is great to apply after practice to offer some relief to sore or tight muscles.



Anything else you’d like to share?:


Yes, a quote from a book I recently read.


“Give yourself the gift of opening your mind to a world beyond what you have been taught to believe in. A world of infinite possibilities. A world of LOVE.” – The universe has your back



How can people learn more about you?:


Please follow my Facebook page at Facebook.com/liveloveoils108 and I can also be reached at my email address [email protected] I would love to help YOU get started on your essential oil journey.


2 thoughts on “Yogi Spotlight: Kendra Lacy”

  1. Hey Kendra’

    So happy I couldn’t get to sleep tonight. I have finally taken the time to look you up here on the computer!
    Seldom do I stay up this late. Changed the position of my infuser this afternoon to closer to my bed. Think I put a bit too many drops in of Breathe and Lavender. Looks like tomorrow is the breaking time for LRP! Not sure I understand all this.

  2. I absolutely love this piece you did Kendra! Very eye opening. You truly are an inspiration & it is a privilege to know you

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