Race & Equity in Yoga: An Online Training with Kelley Palmer

Race & Equity in Yoga: An Online Training with Kelley Palmer

The movement for Black lives has become front-and-center news. It is clear. A shift is necessary. But let’s be real: this isn’t a new problem. And since the dynamics of society are always replicated in our institutions, every industry from fashion to wellness is reckoning with its issues around race, equity, and social justice.

Spoiler alert: that includes the Yoga community.

Our friends at Accessible Yoga are hosting an online training led by Kelley Palmer: Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption as a Practice. Do any of the following points sound familiar?

I know I need to “do something” about racism, but I am unsure of my responsibilities and what the steps are to do better.

I don’t see color, I see people. I love everyone equally. Why does it always have to be about race?

I’m really afraid of messing up, saying the wrong thing, and getting called out.

I feel ashamed because I haven’t personally addressed racism before this point and I realize I may actively be causing harm.

If we could all just love one another, racism wouldn’t be a problem anymore.

I’m sitting with a lot of confusion about “my place in the yoga community.”

I’m not sure how to best serve my community when it comes to yoga and social justice.

I’m reluctant or afraid to have uncomfortable, difficult conversations about race.

I’m not clear what my “privilege” is or how it’s showing up in my life, so it’s hard to address it.

want more Black and brown students in my classes (or teachers working at my studio) but I don’t know where to find them or how to make them feel comfortable in my space.

Get clear on your role in dismantling white supremacy and activate your yoga practice for social justice. Start working toward the future you believe in with “Race & Equity in Yoga: Disruption As a Practice”, a self-study training where you’ll understand white supremacy and oppression, how you fit into these systems, and how you can use your yoga practice to disrupt, dismantle, and make change. Kelley Palmer is offering this training with Accessible Yoga Training.

Use our affiliate link to register for this online course (use any link throughout this post), and your investment will support Kelley’s work, Accessible Yoga, and Yoga Buzz.

Watch this conversation with Kelley Palmer and founder of Accessible Yoga, Jivana Heyman.


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