It’s Give STL Day. And it’s okay if you can’t.

It’s Give STL Day. And it’s okay if you can’t.

Today is Give STL Day, an annual event where we come together as a community to celebrate and support the incredible organizations that do such helpful work in St. Louis.

This year, Give STL Day is coming after nearly two full months of small businesses and non-profits desperately seeking financial support to keep afloat from our patrons, friends, supporters, and partners.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling intense compassion fatigue for quite some time now. I see my friends and colleagues who need help, who are struggling professionally and emotionally, and all I want to do is donate, contribute, remind them that we’re all in this together – because I, too, am sometimes struggling professionally and emotionally right now.

But the reality is that I can’t financially contribute to everyone. I can’t save every local business and non-profit who might not survive the economic impact of this global pandemic. I can’t provide individual emotional support to every one of my friends. I can’t even give hugs.

And this is exhausting. I want to help, I want to be of service, and while there are ways I can continue to do that, I struggle to process that no matter what I can do, I can’t do it all. But that doesn’t stop the asks, that doesn’t stop my desire to support all these people and businesses I love, and that doesn’t stop my guilt for not being able to do it all. 

And that, my friends, is compassion fatigue.

This Give STL Day, I ask you to give to yourself, first. Breathe deeply for one minute, take an online yoga class, get outside and enjoy some sunshine… do something to fill your cup.

That is enough. You are enough. Honest

If you fill your cup and then feel inspired to support Give STL Day, I hope you will do so by sharing the good news in our city. Share why you admire your favorite St. Louis-based non-profits on your social media, or write a note of appreciation and encouragement to a St. Louis-based non-profit that lights you up, or reach out and ask a friend what their favorite local non-profit is so you can learn about the work they are doing, too.

If you are able to make a financial contribution – cool. I know without a doubt that any local non-profit would deeply appreciate the funds. But, like, don’t feel like you have to if you just can’t right now. And if you give to another organization and can’t budget to give to us, too, that’s okay.

Your money isn’t the only thing of value you have to offer to St. Louis.

Take care of yourself and one another, friends. Stay safe.

With deep love, appreciation, and respect,

Elle Brodsky
Founder, President

More than one way to show the love.

Share our online resourcesJoin us for a class online, either live or pre-recorded. We have a number of options, from guided meditation, chair-based yoga, prenatal classes, family yoga, restorative, and even a Star Wars-themed yoga practice to celebrate May the Fourth.  There was a green screen and lightsabers. It was delightfully ridiculous.

Oh! And we are hosting a special Mother’s Day yoga + meditation practice online this Sunday 10am, led by Elle Brodsky and her mama, Karen Potter.

Online Yoga Resources

Make a financial contribution

We have a variety of ways you can support Yoga Buzz monetarily if you are able – from our limited edition Cbabi shirt through Tiny Little Monster, to PayPal’s Giving Fund (where NO FEES are deducted from your contribution), becoming a patron through a monthly pledge of $5 or more on Patreon, nabbing one of our past shirt designs through Bonfire, or purchasing a gift card to use for a Yoga Buzz event when we re-open our pop-ups (at a date TBD).

Hop over to our website to peruse ways you can donate – but again, it’s okay if you can’t right now.

We’re still here for you, no matter what.

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Send a love note to one of our teachers.

Have you had a really wonderful experience in class with one of our Yoga Buzz teachers, whether in person a while back or online recently? I can assure you they’d love to hear from you. Send your note of love and gratitude to [email protected], and we will send it along to your teacher. Don’t remember their name? Tell us the event they were at, and we’ll help track them down.

Snail mail is also welcome – PO Box 432037, STL 63143.

You can also leave a “tip” for a Yoga Buzz teacher via our Venmo (@yogabuzz) or Cashapp ($yogabuzz) and we’ll include it in their weekly paycheck. Just leave a note for who it is for.

Email a Yoga Buzz teacher some love


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Become a Patron

For as little as $5 a month, you can show your support of accessible yoga here in St. Louis and get access to cool exclusive perks like coloring pages, stay-at-home digital yoga retreat kits, even a private 1:1 virtual yoga session with Yoga Buzz founder, Elle Brodsky. Your contribution is even tax-deductible!

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Donate to Yoga Buzz

Through the generosity of Paypal’s Giving Fund, you can make a one-time tax-deductible donation directly to Yoga Buzz, with no fees! That means 100% of your donation goes to our organization.

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Check out our Shop

We have some pretty rad Yoga Buzz shirts available on Bonfire. Three different designs, to be exact, each available in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes (from XS to 3XL).

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