The Gateway to Well-being Festival

The Gateway to Well-being Festival

WHERE:  Leonor K Sullivan Blvd – the Riverfront

WHEN: Saturday, September 3, 8am – 4pm

Join us for the first annual Gateway to Well-being Festival!! This FREE family-friendly community event is to connect local, expert professionals with the community, helping empower St. Louisans to live healthier, happier lives.

We are expanding what people think of as “self care” with this event, incorporating not just massage, yoga, and nutrition but branching out to music, art, and community organizations.

In recent years, the number of wellness-related businesses opening their doors in St. Louis has greatly increased. There are now a greater variety of options in St. Louis than there ever have been – we can’t wait to connect you with your favorites, and maybe introduce you to new concepts.

Enjoy a full day exploring all that St. Louis has to offer for living a more connected, mindful, and healthy life at this free festival!

Schedule of FREE Demos, Classes, and Music!

Our Festival Participants:
Yoga Buzz Partner Studios
Startup Therapie
Sol Sweat
St. Louis Public Library
Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy
Traveling Tea
Companion Kombucha
Calliope Massage Studio
Healing Gongs – Sound Therapy
Circus Harmony
Indigo Massage & Wellness
EarthDance Organic Farm School
Little Fishes Swim School
Bowood Farms
Modern Healer
St. Louis Trauma Informed Community Network
LUV by Livi CO
St. Louis Birth Rhythms
Sunflower Massage Studio
Cloud 9 Massage
Bumbershoot Aerial Arts
The Saint Louis Juice Press
Savage Seasonings

CORE + RIND: providing an expansive menu of cold pressed juices, homemade nut-milks, delicious dessert bites, and pantry staples will nourish you from the inside out! C+R aims to provide the highest quality and sustainably sourced local ingredients whenever possible, even partnering with local farms and local businesses.

Wilfred J Krenn, Psychotherapist: a Licensed Professional Counselor in Private Practice working with gifted children in the Saint Louis area. He has extensive training in the effects of trauma and the impact of stress on neurobiology, as well as traditional psychotherapeutic technique. One of his passions is working with intelligent and creative patients, giving them a platform to explore what is getting in the way of their success.

Sol Sweat: offering light and heat therapy with private infrared sauna suites. The infrared sauna heats you gently from the inside out with an average temperature of 125 degrees (like going on vacation in Arizona), resulting in a more cleansing sweat than traditional saunas. Sol Sweat will give you the opportunity to sweat while sitting down and listening to music in the serenity of your own personal space. Relax, detox, and enjoy the many health benefits.

St. Louis Public Library: The mission of the St. Louis Public Library is to provide learning resources and information services that support and improve individual, family, and community life through a variety of services, programs, and initiatives.

Sole Shine Barefoot Massage Therapy: You may have experienced a massage therapist with healing hands, but what about healing feet? Specializing in Ashiatsu, Thai and Ashi-Thai Massage Therapy, they bring you “the deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet”.

Traveling Tea: sample some refreshment and inquire about their personalized blends! This Maplewood spot is making the world safer for tea addicts; offering high quality, organic, Direct Trade, fair trade (& local) products.

Perennial: transforming trash into treasure and teaching the community to do the same! Perennial is a community workshop and store that offers educational programming in creative reuse to diverse populations and sells creatively repurposed home furnishings and eco-friendly supplies for reuse projects.

Pati Pellerito: Through an integrative system, Pati offers individual and group sessions, combining a hands-on approach including, Bodywork, Sound, Vibrational and Energy Medicine for a profound healing experience. Over the past 20 years her practice of yoga and qigong have influenced her work with groups by combining breath, meditation, sounding, movement and instruments

Soothe: Offering massage therapy in the comfort of your own home, and providing a safe, flexible, supportive job opportunity for local massage therapists.

Little Fishes Swim School: a  fun, active way to occupy your little one in both Brentwood and Chesterfield. With highly experienced staff members, small class sizes, year-round classes, and warm (93 degree) hygienic saltwater pools, your kiddo will love learning to swim!

AARP STL: This organization is dedicated to improving quality of life! One of the best ways to do so is by living a healthy lifestyle. If you would like to learn more about simple things you can do to improve your health, check out and try on different styles of Health Trackers, learn more about what AARP STL is offering around the city and win a FREE PRIZE (it could be a health tracker)- come swing by their booth!

Modern Healer:  Victoria Emanuela joins us to help navigate the spectrum of healing and how it impacts human beings, especially those with a history of trauma. She brings her certifications in nutritional counseling, professional life coaching, trauma-informed yoga, bioenergetic therapy, and women’s circle facilitation together as “one woman on a mission to transform suffering into unlimited potential.”

St. Louis Trauma Informed Community Network: a group of social workers, educators, yoga teachers, therapists, nurses, artists, parents, foster parents, counselors, massage therapists, doctors and other human service provider that create social networking opportunities for professionals and individuals wanting to learn more about Trauma Smart Practices.

Companion Kombucha: A local company, based in Maplewood, that uses only natural ingredients in their Kombucha, which is a low calorie, gluten- free fermented tea that originated in China 2000 years ago. It is a raw living beverage full of beneficial probiotics and organic acids that make you feel great! They offer unique flavors like Lavender, Elderberry, Pomegranate, Apple Cinnamon, and Ginger!

Indigo Massage & Wellness: offers a variety of services to focus more on what matters most: Being well, not just feeling good for the moment. Their team of licensed massage and wellness professionals will help you plan the best path through massage, acupuncture, yoga, and community classes.

LUV by Livi: Treat yourself to the amazing body care products, which are organic, natural, and vegan. Their body butters and soaps are designed with simple, quality ingredients to help create and maintain healthier hair and skin.

Circus Harmony: teaches the art of life through circus education. Their mission is to build character and expand community for youth of all ages, cultures, abilities and backgrounds. Through teaching and performance of circus skills, they help people defy gravity, soar with confidence, and leap over social barriers, all at the same time.

FLOAT StL: offers relaxing meditation tanks that free you from your senses to give you a deeper, more meaningful mental experience. For everyone looking to rise above life’s daily demands, they provide a way to relax and improve mental and physical health.

St. Louis Birth Rhythms: is deeply committed to helping families in the St. Louis area enhance their birth experiences. St. Louis Birth Rhythms uses music therapy and other creative arts to support, educate, and prepare couples for birth. They offer doula support combined with music therapy and childbirth classes featuring creative arts.

Bumbershoot Aerial Arts: offers classes in a variety of Aerial Art forms including trapeze, silks, rope, hoop, and more. They teach classes in all levels and all ages, specializing in working with beginner adults, putting the ‘play’ back into life.

Cloud 9 Massage:  Based in O’Fallon, MO and offering Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Reiki, Reflexology and a number of other services with their highly rated, experienced staff!

Sunflower Massage Studio: Located in Richmond Heights, at Sunflower you can expect to receive the highest level of personal attention with customized therapeutic massage sessions. Passionate about helping you reach your health/wellness goals, they promise to provide consistency and attention to detail in each session!

Calliope Massage Studio: Whether seeking relaxation or relief, Calliope offers an intuitive blend of Swedish, deep tissue, and myofascial release to customize your session. They specialize in those who work in unique and physically demanding professions.

EarthDance Organic Farm School: EarthDance sustainably grows food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences. Located in a peri-urban North County neighborhood of Ferguson, EarthDance offers a season-long educational apprenticeship program which trains participants in sustainable agriculture from seed to market.

Bowood Farms:  Bowood Farms offers ways to connect with nature from gardening classes, to flower arranging, beautiful plants and a selection of home and garden gifts that are inspired by nature and bring the outdoors in.

The Saint Louis Juice Press: shares a space with EveryBody Yoga, and here Hot Yoga and Cold Juice are perfectly paired!  Their juices are prepared daily,  never heated or oxidized, cold pressed and immediately bottled. These fresh juices provide the highest level of enzymes and nutrients you can find in a juice!


8am: Yoga with Yoga Buzz
9am: Yoga with Yoga Buzz
10am: BUTI Yoga with Malissa McLaurin
10:40am: BUTI Yoga with Malissa McLaurin
11:30am: BUTI Yoga with Malissa McLaurin
12-2pm: Dance Party with Live Music by Nonstop Reggae BAND, plus AcroYoga and Hula Hooping
2:30pm: BUTI Yoga with Malissa McLaurin
3:30pm: Zumba with Tha Zumba King!






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