Breathing for Wellbeing: Lift Pulmonary Rehab

Breathing for Wellbeing: Lift Pulmonary Rehab

Your breath is with you every moment of every day, when you’re awake and asleep, at rest or at play, when you’re stressed out and when you’re relaxed.  On average, we take approximately 23,000 breaths a day – which equals nearly 8.5 million breaths a year.

But for how many of those breaths are you truly present and aware?

Roughly 16 million people in the U.S. have been diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD), a progressive lung condition that primarily affects people ages 50 and older.  Over time, COPD makes it more and more difficult to breathe, as lung capacity decreases and air passageways become constricted.

Many folks with COPD fall into what is known as the “Vicious Cycle” – they experience increased breathlessness so they reduce their activity level, and a sedentary lifestyle can lead to social isolation, depression, and ultimately more breathlessness.

St. Louis-based company Sparo is addressing the issue of accessibility for those with COPD with the launch of their online platform, Lift Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Traditional Pulmonary Rehabilitation is a program that includes breathing exercises, tailored exercise programs, and education that has been proven to help people with COPD breathe better, be more active, and live happier.  However, traditional, hospital-based Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs are only accessible to an estimated 2% of COPD patients due to cost, location, or transportation issues. Lift, however, is available online via phone, tablet, or computer.

On average, we take approximately 23,000 breaths a day – which equals nearly 8.5 million breaths a year.

Lift Pulmonary Rehab’s interactive classes are developed and taught by a multidisciplinary team of instructors that include respiratory therapists, pulmonologists, dieticians, physical therapists, psychologists and yes – you guessed it – yoga teachers!  Yoga Buzz was pleased to consult with Lift in their developmental phase, supporting the implementation of yoga classes for breathing exercises, gentle movement practices, and mindfulness techniques.

While these classes are designed to address the unique needs of those with COPD, these on-demand classes are excellent resources for anyone who might need simple, accessible resources for well-being.  Each class is between 5 – 15 minutes long, and perfect for those with limited mobility, chronic pain or illness that makes a traditional yoga practice or exercise inaccessible for their body. 

Access to Lift Pulmonary Rehab is just $10 a month for unlimited classes and programs, and open to the public, whether or not you are impacted by COPD.  Learn more at

Check out these sample classes by Yoga Buzz faculty, Jamie Austin and Donna Jones:

donna jones breath online class lift pulmonary rehab free yoga yoga buzz

Donna Jones: Breath Awareness (5 min)

jamie austin online yoga free yoga lift pulmonary rehab yoga buzz

Jamie Austin: Movement with Breath (13 min)


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