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An Open Letter to Yogis with Anxiety and Depression

Dear Yoga Teachers and Yoga Students who manage Anxiety and Depression, You are not alone. I have seen an increasing number of my peers and colleagues within yoga share openly about their experiences with crushing depression and crippling anxiety, scary panic attacks and debilitating lows. And for that, I am truly grateful for the vulnerability, courage, and strength they show, and what it inspires in me every time. I am sorry you hurt. I hurt,

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Yoga for Bigger Bodies in St. Louis

“Do you have any advice for yoga teachers?” I asked Alison Warren. “Yes,” she replied, with no hesitation.  “You don’t have to feel pity for those who are larger, because that just underpins the narrative that larger is other, is untouchable.” The yoga scene can certainly be intimidating for a number of reasons.  “I don’t think everyone always thinks they are capable of yoga,” Alison says.  The aspirational marketing approach of mainstream yoga reinforces this

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The Art of Slowing Down: Restorative Yoga

aIn a world of go-go-go, it can be both a real treat and a real challenge to slow things down.  With our minds and central nervous systems regularly bombarded with information, challenges, and stressors, it is incredibly important that we make time to find space to rest deeply. That’s where Restorative Yoga practices come in.  The intention behind Restorative practices is creating a space for deep relaxation, which can facilitate an increase in the body’s ability

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The Fit and Food Connection Shares Healthy Living in North St. Louis

The Fit and Food Connection is a 501c3 non-profit that is empowering people in need through fitness and nutrition in northern St. Louis City and county. The organization is Co-Directed by Joy Millner, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, and Gabrielle Cole, Founder of The Food Place. They are passionate about teaching the importance of good health and nutrition to lower income individuals and families.  Their commitment to building supportive and inclusive communities to inspire

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Yogi Spotlight: Kendra Lacy

Who are you? My name is Kendra Lacy. I am wellness advocate aimed to empower my community to live a healthier lifestyle with the use of essential oils.   What bought you to start practicing yoga?    I started practicing yoga after I graduated from college, WOW has it been over a decade!  My journey began at the age of 10 I started playing competitive basketball and travelled all-around the world. This ultimately lead me

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Tools for Self-Regulating in Challenging Times

Today, many people in our St. Louis community are hurting deeply after the long-awaited verdict in the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith.  Collectively, we are experiencing a lot of anger, rage, fear, sadness, and uncertainty.  Oftentimes, these sensations and emotions are judged as “not very yogic,” and pushed aside in preference to happier feelings, like peace, stillness, and gratitude. I’m here to tell you that dismissing anger, rage, fear, sadness, and uncertainty as “not yogic”

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