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Yoga for Healthcare Professionals

“The task of caring for others while putting our own health on line is not an easy one,” reflects ER trauma nurse and Yoga Buzz graduate Sara Shabany.  This Sunday, Sara is using her day off to share an anatomy & physiology focused online yoga class geared toward healthcare professionals. Sara’s vision since her teacher training in Fall 2019 has been to create yoga programming specifically for her nurse colleagues to help manage chronic stress,

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Black Maternal Health Week

Black Maternal Health Week (BMHW) serves to amplify the voices of black mamas and center the values and traditions of the reproductive and birth justice movements.  Black Maternal Health Week was founded in 2018 by Black Mamas Matter Alliance, and takes place every year from April 11 –17. The month of April is recognized in the United States as National Minority Health Month – a month-long initiative to advance health equity across the country on behalf of all racial

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Celebrate International Kids’ Yoga Day April 3!

Join us in celebrating the 5th annual International Kids’ Yoga Day – online! We are teaming up with some of the fabulous St. Louis-based kids’ yoga teachers and organizations to share classes live on our website and Facebook page. Presenters: SonJoria Sydnor of Black Kids Do Yoga & Kissed by the Son Yoga Simiya Sudduth of Oxygen Project: Yoga for Youth Grace Luttrell of Complete Harmony STL Lisa Roberts of YoYo Yoga School International Kids’

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Resources for Home Yoga Practice

Click here to make a donation to Yoga Buzz When the world feels extra chaotic, there’s no better time to practice what we’ve learned on the yoga mat about self-regulation, frustration tolerance, and centering, and apply it to our lives off the mat. We know with concerns about COVID-19 prevalent across the globe, you might be needing more resources for practicing yoga and meditation at home. Yoga Buzz happens to have a handful of our

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Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Advocates in St. Louis

“Breathing and moving really struck me as therapeutic, but I wasn’t really sure how or why that was until I started learning more about trauma and its effects on the body,” says Julie. Toni Richter (MSW, LCSW) and Julie Eagan (founder, Yoga for Healing) are two Yoga Buzz teacher training graduates with a passion for sharing trauma-sensitive yoga in St. Louis. As a social worker, Toni spent countless hours engaging residents at a shelter for

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Accessible Yoga Creates Community in St. Louis

guest post by Sally Denton A few years ago, I retired from work and moved with my husband from a tiny town in Kentucky to St Louis. It was a strange time for me, the country girl coming to the big city. There were only three people I knew in St Louis – my grandson, my daughter and my son-in-law. Therefore, much of my day was quiet and disconnected from people. In Kentucky, I had

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