21-Day Meditation Advent Calendar

21-Day Meditation Advent Calendar

The long nights of winter offers the perfect opportunity to rest for animals, plants, and people.  The leaves have fallen from the trees and many little critters have settled into hibernation, turning inward to complete year of growth.

As for humans, we oftentimes underestimate the importance of turning inward and slowing things down.  The long, dark nights and colder temperatures can make us more lethargic and quiet, and many people may find themselves fighting against those feelings.  But what if nature is actually inviting us to use the winter as an opportunity to heal and restore the body, mind, and soul?

It is on the darkest nights that we can best see the brightness of the stars.  Honoring the darkest days allows us to more greatly appreciate the warmth of spring – which we know for a fact will come again.

This winter, join the Yoga Buzz 21-Day Meditation Advent Calendar for free meditations delivered directly to your email each day.  Each meditation will be less than five minutes long, which makes it a bite-sized practice that can fit anywhere into your day.  The meditation program will run from December 1 – 21.

Meditations will be led by St. Louis yoga instructors:

Donna Jones
Katie Rodgers
Jamie Austin
Breann Bailey
Mo Taylor
Brittany Hill
Kate Stewart
Kelly A. Kelly
Elle Potter
Jamison Ford
Special Guest Robert White III

Allow this meditation practice to be a part of your support system as you step fearlessly into the depths of winter and the long nights ahead.  We look forward to going on this journey inward together!

How to prepare for your 21-Day Meditation:

  • Schedule a time with yourself each day, when you know you can sit down and dedicate five minutes to this practice.
  • Find a spot in your house, or at your office, or in the park – anywhere that you can sit comfortably, uninterrupted, for those few minutes.
  • You might consider using headphones to listen to the audio recordings – this will help limit distractions.  Plus, DJsNeverEndingStory has created original soundscaping for us, and the tunes are amaaaaaaazing.


DJsNeverEndingStory(Dennis Preston, Jr.) is an ambient, electronica, and hip-hop artist from St. Louis, MO. The 2015 release of his debut ambient album, The Harmony Epoch, garnered the attention of thousands and topped iTunes New Age charts. His frequent collaborations with spoken word artist, Prince Ea, has reached millions across social media with its uplifting and inspirational messages. DJsNeverEndingStory is dedicated to producing chill and innovative music. Visit his site at www.djsneverendingstory.com

Did you miss a day?  Catch up on the meditations here:

Day One: Fill Your Well with Kelly A. Kelly

Day Two: The Deep Knowing with Katie Rodgers 

Day Three: I Am with Mo Taylor

Day Four: Slow. It. Down. with Kate Stewart

Day Five: Loving Kindness with Donna Jones

Day Six: The Summit with Breann Bailey

Day Seven: The Sacred Lotus with Elle Potter

Day Eight: Breath Awareness with Donna Jones

Day Nine: Live Your Joy with Breann Bailey

Day Ten: Paint Your Vision with Jamie Austin

Day Eleven: This Little Light of Mine with Elle Potter

Day Twelve: Let the Leaves Go with Brittany Hill

Day Thirteen: Come Back To Your Breath with DJsNeverEndingStory

Day Fourteen: Flip Your Perspective with Robert White III

Day Fifteen: To All, A Good Night with Breann Bailey

Day Sixteen: Student’s Choice! (pick one of your favorites above to listen to again)

Day Seventeen: Finding Stability with Jamison Ford

Day Eighteen: Meeting Kali with Elle Potter

Day Nineteen: Warm from the Inside with Brittany Hill

Day Twenty: Absorbing with Jamison Ford

Day Twenty-One: The Beauty of the Unknown with Elle Potter


7 thoughts on “21-Day Meditation Advent Calendar”

  1. Thank you Yoga Buzz. I have been wanting to get into meditation. I found myself looking forward to the email each day to help me get centered for my day. I think that I will be able to add daily meditations to my resolutions for 2017. I hope to see you at a few Yoga Buzz events in the new year. Namaste Elle and you are a rock star.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed these, Tina! We are planning on continuing these into the new year, but doing it weekly instead of daily. Keep an eye out!

  2. If we got the 21-Day Advent meditations, are we automatically signed up for the new ones coming out? This is my first shot at meditation, and I’m really enjoying it! (And I passed it on to multiple people who are also loving it!) Thanks so much!

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