Meet up & stretch out

Our yoga classes take people places. By getting you out of the yoga studio and into the community, you can learn something new about local happenings, the community and yourself.

Send your gaze upward

Every few months we have the opportunity to teach yoga under the stars in partnership with the St. Louis Science Center.

Meet at heart's center

More than 200 people came together at Union Station for our Heart's Center Celebration to raise funds for St. Louis area Veterans' healthcare!

Gateway to the best

It wouldn't be St. Louis if we weren't doing yoga under the Gateway Arch! Yoga Buzz teams up with Gateway Arch Park to offer free outdoor yoga in downtown STL during the warm season.

Great experience - class was accessible for people of all skill levels. I felt challenged (but not too much), met some new people, had some delicious bubbly, caught up with old friends. Perfect.

  — Stephanie Grise
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The Fine Print

Before you buy your ticket and put on your stretchy pants, there are a few things you should know.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available up until one week of the event.  Between one week and 48 hours in advance of the event, no refunds are available, but credit can be applied toward another Yoga Buzz event within six months.  Cancellations less than 48 hours in advance are not eligible for refunds or credit. Tickets are transferable (unless specifically noted otherwise)


What should I wear?
Wear clothing that fits comfortably and allows you to move freely. Think: sweatpants, athletic pants, t-shirts, tank tops, etc. Avoid jeans, baggy shorts (they’ll fall down). You might consider tucking in a loose-fitting shirt (it may fall up).

What should I bring?
Bring a yoga mat, bottle of water, and your smiling self! Don’t have a yoga mat? That’s okay! We bring a few extras to loan out, but they’re first-come, first-served. You can find affordable mats at Target, Marshall’s, and Five Below for less than $15. No need to print out your ticket – we can look you up on our list via your last name. Bring your ID if the post-yoga treat includes alcohol.

I’m a brand new beginner. Will I survive the yoga?
Absolutely! No need to touch your toes here. Each yoga class is beginner-friendly and all-levels, meaning the yoga teachers do their best to make the instructions and physical practice as accessible as possible. You can always sit down or lay down if you need to take a break – this is a judgement-free zone. And rest assured you won’t be the only newbie there!

I have an injury/limitation/am pregnant. Can I still come?
We recommend first checking with your healthcare professional to see if yoga is a good idea for your body. After checking in with them, if you have any special needs, email and we are happy to discuss how to best support your body in a class. Be sure to let your instructor know about any injuries, limitations, or if you are pregnant, so they can set you up for a safe experience on the mat. We can sometimes provide sign-language interpretation for our deaf and hearing-impaired yoga friends! Just let us know in advance.

Can I bring my kid?
Depends! We have some events that specifically have their own kid-centric experience. Other events might not be kid-friendly; i.e. a brewery, for example. It’s best to check in to make sure the event is a good fit for your mini-me if it is not specifically geared toward the younger yoga folk. Email to chat.

Event Disclaimer

We welcome beginners, explorers, experienced, young, old and everyone in between. As with any physical activity, risks are possible, especially when beer or cocktails are involved. We do everything we can to foster an atmosphere that is equally encouraging and comfortable.

  • listen to your body, rest anytime, respect limits
  • any concerns, inform your Yoga Buzz instructor
  • participation is no sub for medical diagnosis treatment (but it sure does feel good)

By attending a Yoga Buzz event, you assume the risk of yoga practice and release your Yoga Buzz instructor from any liability claim resulting from taking part in any live, written or recorded yoga instruction.

Partner With Us!

What all started with one yoga class in a brewery has evolved to include rooftops, vineyards, farms, and anywhere else we can fit our yoga mats. Now, we’ve partnered with over 1,000 companies and organizations and we’re loving it! If you have an event idea you’d like to share, reach out!

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