Help Us Build a Living Yoga Studio in Ferguson

The list of exciting things Yoga Buzz has coming continues to grow and we’re jazzed to officially share the latest news with you. We’re teaming up with EarthDance Organic Farm School in Ferguson to create St. Louis’ (and quite possibly the world’s) first-ever Living Yoga Studio; a permaculture-inspired studio space in a greenhouse on the farm that will offer weekly community yoga classes at no cost. That’s free.99!

The marriage of sustainable agriculture and yoga makes perfect sense – being mindful of how you take care of the earth and nourish your body goes hand in hand with the mindfulness that yoga teaches.

We’ve done two events in the past with the farm and we loved working with the team and taking in all the fresh air the outdoors has to offer. Not to mention, Molly (EarthDance’s fearless founder) has always wanted a space on the farm to do yoga – we’ve been daydreaming about it for the past couple years – and we’re only too happy to help make that dream come true.

here's the "before" photo of our Living Yoga Studio!
here’s the “before” photo of our Living Yoga Studio!

Developing the Living Yoga Studio is no simple feat. Our goal is to raise $5000 (update 5/10/2017: We’ve raised $2500 so far!!) which will cover the cost of the greenhouse space being renovated to make it yoga studio friendly and all the expenses to make yoga available twice weekly for a year. We’ll have opportunities available for you to contribute to the cause over the next few months to bring the dream to life. Show your support by making a donation on Thursday, May 11th for GiveSTL Day!  Click here to donate.

You can also show your support by getting your hands dirty!  Join us and our friends from Practicing Yoga Studio for a volunteer playdate, where we can hang out together as a community and do some good ol’ fashioned manual labor.

  • May 27th, 2017
  • July 8th, 2017
  • August 5th, 2017

We hope you’re as excited about this adventure as we are. Stay tuned for more information – this is going to be groundbreaking (in more ways than one!).



  1. Awesomeness to see this happening I’ve got similar plans on some landmark in Ireland , how are you guys getting on ?

    Do you have an existing space … ?

    Big love !

    1. Going great so far! We’ve just made our fundraising goal, so it’s just one foot in front of the other from here.

  2. This is the best news!!! I live and work in Ferguson and I am an Ashtanga power yoga teacher, I trained under Bryan Kest of Santa Monica, California. My name is Sherry Loesch and I own Ferguson Style and Spa. I want to help! I would love to teach or participate in any way. Please contact me. 314-704-0327


  3. I am so excited for this project! I have been dreaming of building something just like this since reaching the Celestine Prophecy-using the vibrations from yoga and meditation to help plants thrive! I’d love to get involved!

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