Give Props to Props

You’ve seen them in yoga studios – blocks, blankets, straps, bolsters, folding chairs…

But do you make use of them?

On Saturday, November 5, St. Louis yoga instructors Debby Siegel and Rebekah Jarchow are hosting a workshop at Metro Power Yoga focusing on how to make the most of all those props so often forgotten until Restorative Yoga.  Read on to learn more.

From Debby:

We all have bodies that benefit from the use of these tools designed to create balance in our varying proportions. Yet, some of us view props as beginner labels or crutches, like training wheels. I get it. No one wants to be still riding with training wheels when his/her friends are all taking off on their fixies.

yoga props st louis yoga buzzBut think of it this way – when your central nervous system gets the message to your brain that you are bending in a less than safe way, your body is sent the message to back off. So, for those who are reading this blog article and have said at any point in their life, “I am the least flexible person.” or “I can’t touch my toes,” you can change this in your body through the use of a yoga block bringing your body into a safe, aligned position. Your brain then gets the message that your spine is not in jeopardy, your body exits flight or fight mode, and you are able to improve your body’s flexibility and strength safely in that moment.

Props are available to reduce the struggle or avoid pain in getting into a pose altogether. They leave room so you can better experience the pose’s original aims, not dwell on discomfort. When you gift yourself with the use of props in yoga, you are saying to your body, I support you. I accept where you are and will help you, because I want what’s best for you. I love you.

View Debby’s full blog post, including why Debby calls herself a category “Ape +2,” on the YoGoGirls website.

Interested in the workshop?  Cost is $30 for the 2 hour workshop, of $20 each when you REGISTER with a friend. If funds are tight, Yoga Buzz is hosting two scholarship spots.  Email for more information.

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