The Fit and Food Connection Shares Healthy Living in North St. Louis

The Fit and Food Connection is a 501c3 non-profit that is empowering people in need through fitness and nutrition in northern St. Louis City and county. The organization is Co-Directed by Joy Millner, a Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant, and Gabrielle Cole, Founder of The Food Place. They are passionate about teaching the importance of good health and nutrition to lower income individuals and families.  Their commitment to building supportive and inclusive communities to inspire healthy living is right up our alley!

Programs they offer include an Organic Community Garden, Food Assistance, Groupfit Fitness Classes (including yoga!!), Group Nutrition Seminars, and One on One fitness traininfit and food connection st louisg and nutrition accountability.

One of our favorite resources is their blog, F&F Corner. There are articles about mindfulness meditation, inspiring movement challenges, even recipes. With the holidays just around the corner we’d like to encourage you to check out their post, “Cultivating Gratitude All Year Long.” It’s the perfect time of year to instill grateful practices.

Recently we had the opportunity to sit down with Joy Millner and ask her a few questions about The Fit and Food Connection, how fitness and nutrition impacts our lives, and how our friends in the Yoga Buzz community can get involved.

YB: Why do you feel movement is important for a healthy life?

JM: It makes people feel better, and empowers confidence and strength within individuals. This confidence and strength then transcends into so many other areas of their life such as family, relationships, and their job.

Realizing that just because people don’t have access to wellness opportunities, doesn’t mean that they don’t want the same things, or have a desire to be healthy.

YB: What has inspired you the most about the communities you work with?

JM: Realizing that just because people don’t have access to wellness opportunities, doesn’t mean that they don’t want the same things, or have a desire to be healthy. People are people, and we are all connected in many ways. It has been so uplifting to watch lives change, and to bring people health and wellness opportunities that wouldn’t be able to afford them or have access to them on their own.

Fit and food connection lunge st louisYB: What does nutrition have to do with yoga?

JM: To me, nutrition has so very much to do with yoga. Most individuals who practice yoga, believe that some form of breathing, stretching, meditating, or practicing yoga in various forms will empower them in some way. They have prioritized their health and take time for it. They are often interested in good nutrition, and learning about it. Good
nutrition is often connected to things that come from the earth, and there is a connection to yoga on that same level. Both yoga and good nutrition make individuals feel healthier, and provide empowerment and energy.

YB: How can people learn more about the work you do?

JM: People can learn more about The Fit and Food Connection by coming to an upcoming event, contacting us, or going to our website:

fit and food connection st louisfruit_and_vegetables

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